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So you have two days of complete freedom ( if you prefer to look at it that way) to relax party other activities. Having homework in. Teachers do not give homework as a punishment but for other reasons. We have to take a little brake of homework. May 25, · " I would be all for not having homework on weekends.

The association also recommends that teachers not give more than 10 minutes of homework per night, per grade level. Assigning homework on weekends will make us work more than we already do. This federal law mandates ALL kids to do state testing every year. The US National Education Association recommends no more than ten minutes ( of homework) per grade level, per night.

Why should I expect that of my students? It is in fact possible to have no homework on weekends even when your teacher assigns it. Jan 02, · Do you think teachers should give homework on weekends?

Your homework if done effectively is not more than 4 hours in all- meaning two hours a day on weekend! Assigning more homework cuts into a child' s free time and leads to a buildup of stress. In fact holiday vacations, the San Ramon Valley district modified its homework policy , no homework is allowed over weekends except for reading. The trick is working ahead during the rest of the week and then on Friday when you have lunch break do the. Why should there be no homework on the weekends. But this reason there is, is because of NCLB. Why should there be no homework on the weekends. Homework has fallen in and out of favor over the decades. If you disagree that teachers SHOULD NOT assign homework on weekends give your arguments here. I don' t like working on the weekends. This testing is done to see how well the SCHOOL is doing NOT the student.
The better the scores, the school GETS MORE MONEY. The weekend is the time that students have time to have fun with friends play outside have free time. Weekend homeworks are NOT bad, its only your own attitude towards homework that makes it look bad. Oct 19, · Answers. NEA do not recommend that teachers just avoid giving kids homework over the weekend.

Studies performed by the U. NO I don' t think there should be homework on weekends. Students should have no homework on weekends. Monday through Friday is a good time weekends should be spent with your family a.

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No Homework on Weekends. Schools shouldn' t be allowed to give homework on weekends nor holiday breaks becuase it is not fair.

Every year students must go to school 10 out of the 12 months in a year. Every week us students have school 5 out of the 7 days.

When we arrive home tired.

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We wake up at 6 am to get ready for school at 7: 40am. The weekend is a significant portion of the week, and kids have no actual class time on weekends. Naturally, they should do some academic work at home during their free time.

Weekend homework does not need to occupy all of their time, but they should devote some of their weekend to preparing for class.

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There should not be much homework on weekends as weekends is for usto spend the two days and the precious time with our family. Weekends is the only.